Who I Am



I grew up in Lansingburgh.  I played sports, edited for the school newspaper, and attended every Uncle Sam Day Parade. I am proud to be from Troy.  I had great friends, lots of opportunities, and wonderful experiences. I bought a home in Troy ten years ago because I wanted my family to have the same experiences I did. Troy is special to me and it would be the honor of a lifetime to serve my community as the next City Court Judge.


I went to law school because I wanted a career in helping people.  As a student, I was not quite sure what that meant or what it would look like until my first internship with the City of Troy Corporation Counsel's Office.  Being in the Troy City Courtroom and working with the City's attorneys was a game-changing experience.  From that point on I knew I wanted to be a trial attorney.  After working with the City, I clerked for the Honorable Rachel Kretser of the Albany City Criminal Court, and gained experience with criminal cases and traffic matters. After graduating I worked as a defense attorney, and as a prosecutor, handling every type of case from traffic tickets to homicides and everything in between. I have also handled numerous civil cases ranging from small claims, evictions, code enforcement, supreme court actions, and appellate work. I have handled 1000s of cases from start to finish, from both sides of the aisle.  


I have always believed in giving back to my community.  That is why I serve as the President of the Knickerbacker Park not-for-profit Board of Directors.  The Board is responsible for overseeing a 27 acre park in North Troy for the benefit of the children of Troy.  In the past year we installed a new playground, and hosted Halloween and Easter events that have seen 1000s and 1000s of children enjoy North Troy.  This year we are hosting even more, and collaborating with other organizations to bring more sports and more opportunities to the residents. 

In addition to the Park, I serve as a member of the Troy Zoning Board of Appeals, volunteer coach/mentor to the Lansingburgh High School Mock Trial Team, a coach on the Lansingburgh Youth Soccer Club, Youth Basketball, and Little League.  


This summer, I am also co-creating a Youth Track & Field Program in the City. 


Troy City Court is one of the busiest Courts in the State.  The Court is broken up into two separate parts - Civil and Criminal.  The Civil Part hears all cases involving code violations, small claims, evictions, and traffic tickets.  Unfortunately, through a combination of events, the cases in the City Court are constantly delayed and backlogged, sometimes for years on end.  


Justice delayed is justice denied. 

If elected, I intend to work hard, issuing fair and impartial decisions in a timely and expeditious fashion, ending the backlog, while making sure everyone entitled gets their day in Court. 


A Judge Who Will Work For Troy

Troy City Court is a busy and bustling place.  The Judges of the Court hear 1000s of cases and controversies each year.  The job of a Judge is to make sure, in each and every one of those cases, ​that the law is being applied fairly and thoughtfully to everyone.  It is also the job of a Judge to make sure people have their day in Court as soon as possible. The longer cases linger, the quicker the traffic backs up.  Judges need to make sure they are meeting standards and goals and disposing of cases in a timely fashion. 

Marc Pallozzi will be that Judge.