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21st Anniversary of 9/11

Today marks 21 years since the attacks of 9/11. Everyone has their own memories and stories of how this day forever impacted their lives. Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news. But many do not realize there are still families suffering the impacts of this day and the events that followed.

If you are able to give, please consider providing financial support to one of these great charities.

USA Cares, Inc. (

Created after 9/11 to provide support, financial assistance, and post-service skills training to military veterans, service members, and their families who were deployed to fight terrorism, this nonprofit aims to improve veterans' quality of life and prevent suicides.

Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation (

Created in remembrance of firefighter Stephen Siller who died helping others on 9/11, this nonprofit provides financial support to the families of injured or deceased firefighters, police officers, military members, and other emergency services workers.

Tuesday's Children (

Started after 9/11, this charity aims to provide support, such as mental health help as well as career and counseling programs, to survivors of the attacks and families of victims. It has now expanded its focus to include those impacted by terrorism or traumatic loss such as military families.

Scholarship America Families of Freedom Fund (

This nonprofit's fund was created to help those who lost family members on 9/11 afford higher education. As of last year, the fund had given away $176 million in scholarships to 3,848 students.

FDNY Foundation and New York City Police Foundation (;

Honor one of the tens of thousands of firefighters and police officers who helped victims on 9/11 by gifting to the nonprofit arms of the city's first responders, which run a number of programs aimed at educating residents and making the city safer.

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