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Marc Pallozzi Wins Working Families Party Primary Election

Marc Pallozzi for City Court Judge will be your Working Families Party Candidate in the City of Troy in the General Election.

While our results will not be certified for a few days, with no new votes left to count, or challenges or objections being filed- we are thrilled to report that thanks to your efforts Marc's name will appear as the candidate for the Working Families Party in the General Election for Troy City Court Judge.

Following Election Day, Marc held a lead of 129-122 with an additional 34 ballots left to count. Those remaining ballots were split nearly 50/50 between our opponent and Marc. We've received word today that the final tally will be 145 to 139 in our favor.

This count is nothing short of exceptional. If you have ever felt disenfranchised, or jaded by our national politics, or as though your vote just does not count or matter- look no further than the results in this Primary Election. Out of nearly 300 votes, six people made the difference.

You were one of those six.

In the last few weeks, we have seen court decisions handed down by Judges that will have serious consequences for millions of New Yorkers, and affect the futures nationwide of people we care deeply about. Friends - Judges matter. Elections matter. Voting matters.

Your vote matters.

Marc now approaches November’s General Election as your candidate for both the Democratic and the Working Families Parties. But just because he is not the candidate of the Republican and Conservative parties does not mean he does not want their support. Judges are not political- their role is to follow, interpret, and enforce the laws our Legislature enacts. That is what Marc intends to do as your next Judge of the Troy City Court.

Thank you for your support, and thank you for your vote.

Onward to November!

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