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Troy Halloween event aims to offer safe place for trick-or-treating


TROY - The large oval at Knickerbacker Park near the ice rink will be transformed into Trick or Treat Street on Halloween. There will be decorated cars, costumers, and people handing out candy.

The tragic shooting death of 11-year-old Ayshawn Davis on Old Sixth Avenue last month in Troy and other gun violence led attorney Marc Pallozzi to want to create a safe space for trick or treating.

He's also head of the Knickerbacker board, and thought this area near the ice rink would be great.

"They will actually walk onto the oval and trick-or-treat around the oval with all the cars on the inside of the oval with their trunks open, tables, decorations, any kind of attractions they want to bring, and hand out candy," he said. Pallozzi has signs, 20,000 pieces of candy, safety equipment, and volunteers all ready to go. Many families think it's a great idea. One grandfather said he has concerns about gun violence. "It's all over the place," he said. "It can't be just one city. It's everywhere. It's getting out of control. We've got to do something about it."

A mother told us she loves the idea of the Trick or Treat Street. "So I'm very excited that they have a safe place to go and see their friends and also trick or treat and get their candy."

Attendees will have health screenings. Knickerbacker Park has a Facebook page and an event page, if people want to volunteer to set up cars and hand out candy. The event will be on Halloween from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. It's free, and all are welcome. "Kids don't understand the circumstances in the world right now," said Pallozzi. "Kids just want to be kids. If we can give them the opportunity to still be kids and relieve some of the anxiety that parents would otherwise have, it's a win-win."

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